Practice Areas

William Marquis has an impressive background in several practice areas. Licensed in Wisconsin’s Western district, Eastern District and the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, he has successfully resolved hundreds of criminal cases ranging from misdemeanors to murder. Additionally, he helps victims of negligence obtain personal injury compensation. Regardless of the details surrounding your case or the severity of the criminal charges you currently face, you can count on the William Marquis Law Office for high-quality legal advice and representation.

Misdemeanor Defense and OWI

Misdemeanor charges may not initially seem serious, but they are often accompanied by devastating repercussions that can follow charged individuals for years. Well aware of the lasting consequences that can accompany misdemeanor charges, William Marquis works hard to secure reduced sentences and dropped charges for his clients. He is willing to represent those who have been accused of everything from misdemeanor theft to operating while intoxicated (OWI).

Felony Defense

Wisconsin judges and law enforcement officials are notoriously tough on those charged with felony crimes. As such, it is absolutely essential to work with an aggressive lawyer willing to fight for your best interest in court. William Marquis is known for his zealous representation and his ability to obtain favorable outcomes for seemingly hopeless felony cases. After one especially complex rape and murder trial, the judge insisted that William Marquis’ closing should have been taped and shown to every United States lawyer. (After a 5 page confession had been given, the client was still found not guilty on all counts).  He has had experience working on high profile cases, having represented Kevin O’Neill of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club in a 4 month trial in which over 168 witnesses called. His feedback from fellow attorneys and satisfied clients is overwhelmingly positive, with many admirers praising his aggressive courtroom style.

Federal Court Trials: Aggressive Criminal Defense

Federal cases require a different approach than standard felony criminal matters. As such, it is in your best interest to work with a lawyer who boasts a thorough understanding of federal criminal defense. William Marquis has a long history of success in federal court — and he knows what it takes to successfully resolve high-stakes federal cases.

Personal Injury

Although William Marquis primarily serves as a criminal defense attorney, he also works extensively with a personal injury firm to help those seeking personal injury compensation. His personal injury representation is just as aggressive as his criminal defense; this proactive approach allows him to secure the remuneration his clients deserve.

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Whether you have been slapped with misdemeanor OWI or federal felony charges, you can benefit greatly from a consultation with a knowledgeable Milwaukee attorney. Look to the William Marquis Law Office for exceptional legal service.

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